Hynak & Associates provides legal services to law firms, legal assistants and businesses in the areas of trademarks, copyrights and legalizations (authentication of documents).
Our clients, especially intellectual property practitioners in both the United States and globally, rely on us for our expertise and cost-effective legal services that include:

  • Filing and prosecution of U.S. trademark applications
  • Filing and prosecution of U.S. trademarks under the Madrid Protocol
  • Trademark searches and opinions prior to filing applications
  • Legalization and authentication of documents through the U.S. State Department and foreign embassies
  • Copyright searches, filings, security interests and assignments
  • Patent file histories and certified copies

Legal services at a reasonable cost: flat and maximum fees
The hallmark of our firm, which sets it apart from others, is our flat fee structure for many standard trademark and copyright filings. We also have introduced a maximum fee schedule that places a cap on the fees we charge to prosecute a U.S. trademark application. This defined fee structure allows you to control your costs; there’s no guessing how much legal services will cost.

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